Tim Daniels

Tim is Lead Pastor at Newbridge Church. He also serves as the Worship Pastor. He feels strongly that God has called him to be an agent of freedom and healing for those who are in need of emotional and spiritual health. His desire is for God to unleash the life-transforming power of the Gospel in Northern New Jersey.  Prior to Newbridge, Tim also served at other local New Jersey churches including Grace Community Church in Randolph, NJ, Long Hill Chapel in Chatham, NJ, and most recently at Cornerstone Chapel in Pompton Plains, NJ. Born and raised in NYC Tim, now lives in Harding, NJ with wife Becky and their three children. You can contact Tim at tim@newbridgenj.com.


Olaf Valli

Olaf is the Executive Pastor at Newbridge Church. He is on mission to boldly love and humbly lead people into an obedient relationship with Jesus Christ. Prior to joining Newbridge staff, he has served as a small group leader, youth group leader, as well as an assistant pastor. Olaf is a man of many skills and has worked as a handyman, landscaper, assistant manager, security officer, IT network administrator, web developer, construction site supervisor, and Uber driver. He and his wife, Angie, also own and manage a surf lifestyle brand and retail store located on Cape Cod, MA. They currently live in Morristown, NJ with their 3 kids. You can contact Olaf at olaf@newbridgenj.com


Angie Valli

Angie is the Director of Family Ministries at Newbridge Church. She is committed to knowing God and helping others to know God. She believes in “leaving it better than you found it” and applies this motto to places, things, and people. She strives to live this life as a good steward, caretaker, and friend. In addition to local ministry, Angie is working on building new bridges to reach people overseas. She has a strong desire to build cross-cultural pathways for younger generations to safely travel and learn about our world. Currently, she resides in Morristown, NJ with her husband and 3 children. They are always up for visitors. Come hungry and leave full. You can contact Angie at angie@newbridgenj.com


Becky Daniels

Becky is the Administrative Coordinator at Newbridge Church. She is dedicated to providing a welcoming environment for everyone she meets and helping moving people forward in all aspects of their life journeys. She is passionate about connecting people through community and keeping all aspects of the church working harmoniously. She and her husband, Tim, and their 3 kids live in Harding, NJ, where the door is always open for sharing a meal! You can contact Becky at becky@newbridgenj.com